Timeline... 1880 - 1889

The World

1882: Thomas Edison builds the first power plant in New York.
1885: Karl Benz patents his first automobile.
1889: The Eiffel Tower opens in Paris.


In 1885, after long-standing grievances remain unaddressed, Louise Riel and Gabriel Dumont lead an uprising of Metis in the Saskatchewan River Valley communities in the Prince Albert - Battleford regions. Subsequent actions by native groups lead by Big Bear and Poundmaker create concern in Manitoba communities but relations between settlers and native people remain peaceful.


1881: March 2 - Manitoba Boundaries Act passed in Parliament, providing for an extension of the province’s borders.

The town of Brandon is created in May of 1881 when the site is selected over Grand Valley as a crossing and divisional point on the C.P.R. Within a month it is a busy centre.

The Assiniboine Rivers floods, putting much of the Assiniboine Valley under water, much as it was in 2011.

1883: An act of the legislature set up 4 municipalities within the County of Souris River, including Arthur.
Arthur included Ranges 27,28 & 29; townships 1,2, and 3.
Powers given allowed municipalities to bonus industries and railways by cash donation and by tax exemptions for a number of years.

1884 : In 1884 the Province was divided and organized into separate Municipalities.
Homestead Regulations eased to attract more settlers. Three options existed:

1. Three year’s cultivation and residence – with the settler not absent for more than six months in any one year.
2. Taking up residence for two years and nine months within two miles of the homestead and then afterwards residing in a habitabgle house on homestead for three months at any time prior to applying for the patent. With 10 acres to be broken ion the first year, 15 in the second, and 15 in the third.

3. A five year system that allowed the settler to live anywhere for the first two years as long as he began to cultivate the land within six months and build a habitable house.

1885: The end of steamboat service on the upper Assiniboine.

Rivers and Area


Zachary Baily homesteaded in 1880.
First settlers in the Tarbolton area.
Charles Stewart homesteaded 14-11-20


Brandon founded
Assiniboine floods
C.P.R/ lands in the Tarbolton area selling for $2.50 an acre.


Lothair Post Office Opened Sept. 1, 1882 on 22-12-22.
James Pettit represents the Daly region on the Brandon County Council the current form of local government.


Tarbolton School was built in 1883 on NE 20-11-22

First accidental death by gunshot. William Pierson shot himself in the upper arm. The doctor from Brandon saw the need for amputation and by the time he returned three days later gangrene had set in. (KB)

James Pettit elected first Reeve of Daly.


Daly Union School established in 1884.
Bradwardine Post office est 1884 in the home of John Parr a few miles west of the present village of Bradwardine in the R.M. of Woodworth.
Roseville Mission Hall, the first church in the R.M., was built in 1884 on NE 28-11-20.

In 1884 the Province was divided and organized into separate Municipalities.
At the house of William Creighton, Sec.  11-21,in the Municipality of Daly, on January 8th, 1884, the first meeting of the Council took place with James Pettit as Reeve.

In 1884 a bridge was being built across the Little Saskatchewan at the original Pendennis Post office,  Section 14 -12- 21


Ancrum School was built in the hamlet of Ancrum

Dec. 16th – first marriage in Roseville Mission Church – Councillor J.W. Stewart of Brandon and Miss Emily Wheatley of Roseville.

Wheatland School District formed in the R.M. of Blanchard, several km north of the current location of the village. The name was later borrowed for the new village located in Daly with the arrival of the rail line.


The Liberal Party held a meeting in the Ancrum schoolhouse in May. Mayor Smart of Brandon attended.


Roden Post Office established in the log house of Thomas Seens W 22-11-22
Poplar Hill School on SE 1-11-20 was established in 1887
Harrow School was built in 1887 SW 22-11-20

Post offices about 1884.


Tarbolton Presbyterian  built in 1888
Spring Valley School was built ca. 1888 by John Moore on 12-11-22


Hunter School was built in 1889 on NW 5-11-20