Timeline... 1900 - 1910

The World

1901: Queen Victoria dies, Jan. 22. Edward the VII reigns.
1901: Marconi sends the first radio signal across the Atlantic.
1903: Ford Motor Co. established to manufacture automobiles


May 15, 1909: an Earthquake is felt across the prairies.


1901: Manitoba’s first Hydro-electric plant opens on the Little Saskatchewan River northwest of Brandon.  
1906: Manitoba farmers organize the “Grain Growers’ Grain Company” with shares available at $25. For any farmer wanting to join.

1908: Manitoba Government Telephones takes over the telephone service.
Rivers and the R.M. of Daly


Proposed route for the Great Northwest Central Railway was to allow for a station at Ancrum. A dispute about land price causes the railway to choose the Bradwardiine location.


The Grand Trunk established a subsidiary, the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, to build a line from Winnipeg to the Pacific


Construction began on the Canadian Prairies in 1905, the year that the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were established with the first sod turned near Carberry, Manitoba on August 29.


North American Lumber Co. founded in Rivers .

Kirkham’s Bridge rebuilt of steel. Hank Koester who also built the Pendennis Bridge


Construction proceeded west to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1907

1907 GTP line as far  the river – town 1 mile west to be named after Sir Charles Rivers-Wilson

Much building material shipped on CPR to Wheatland or Pettapiece

1907 Telephone service begins in Kirkham’s Bridge District

1907 R.S. MacKenzie opens first General Store in Rivers


W. Buggey – first GTP Agent.

Sept 21 – first GTP passenger service. - a tri-weekly timetable in each direction.

Mail for the first time brought from Winnipeg by GTP on Oct. 5. Now had service from Winnipeg and Wheatland (CPR)

The new rail line brought politicians. Clifford Sifton and T.C. Norris,  of Laurier's Liberal gov't took full credit, with Sifton claiming that the Consrvatived had opposed building the line. Conservative candidate T.Mayne Daly came claiming a Conservatibe government would be committed to the GTP. P6
Exce. Charles Melville Hays and F.W. Morse also visted.

22 yr old Samuel White had one leg severed by a locomotive and later died. The throttle had been defective according to a coroner's which also noted that no ashpit was provided in the Rivers yard for the safety of those who cleaned out locomotive ashpans.. The railway company was found guilty of gross negligence.

Grand Trunk Pacific Staton completed in Rivers.
1908 GTP Trestle Bridge completed in Rivers
The mile-long trestle bridge , the longest of its kind in wetsern Canada, completed. 2-story depot with Company offices. Roundhouse and shops – terminal yards.

Traffic began July 30, 1908.

By 1908 the region was well served by railways.


GTP land needed for school and cemetery

Through passenger service established – 12 hr schedule between Winnipeg and Melville – no stopover needed at Rivers.

Visit by Sir Charles Rivers-Wilson – chairman of directors  (Former Minister of Finance in Egypt. Last official visit – before retirement. Extension to car shops in Rivers considered  - He and wife and System general manager Charles M. Hays and other dignitaries. - toured the town

GTP reaches Edmonton, Alberta in 1909

May 15, 1909 – Earthquake – felt across the prairies.

Rivers (Mile 142) - R.P.O. service established to Winnipeg in 1909