Timeline... 1910 - 1920

The World

1912: Titanic sinks after hitting an iceberg on its first voyage.
1914: WW 1 – 1914 – 18
1917: Russian Revolution and the beginning of Communist rule.


Conscription Crisis


Widespread drought
Winnipeg General Strike

Rivers and the R.M. of Daly


Free GT transportation to men and trees (from Ontario) to beautify the town

Rumours of branch lines for the GT – to Brandon to connect with the Great Northern. To Kamsak and to Regina – crossing the CP at around Elkhorn.


Railway strike.

GTP crosses the Continental Divide in 1910-1911


−    visit of Duke and Duchess of Connaught – youngest son of Queen Victoria – initial Royal train to pass over Grand Trunk Pacific lines.
−    the building of shack-shelters near the railroad shops for men who had been living in tents, the start of construction on a G.T.P. Freight shed, completion of the comapny's new coal dock
−    Rivers man – Robert McIntyre – slipped beneath wheels of moving train – lost both legs.
−    Engineer Hartnett accidentally killed at Edson

GTP President Charles M.  Hays died on the RMS Titanic, 14 April, 14, 1912


Yard engine and two cars crashed over the end of the coal dock after the locomotive throttle refused to function, causing serious injuries to brakeman George Hile and forcing engineer Joe Rymal and D.J.D. Ellis to jump for safety.


GTP completed to Prince Rupert, British Columbia in 1914.


W. Files engineer died when his freight train ran into a gap which – prior to a cyclone had been the 115 ft. high Miinewaska bridge. GTP trains routed oved CPR lines via Minnedosa.


GTP Station station burns down on March 4 and a new station was started in July and finished by September.
The new station features a restaurant called  “The Beanery”


In 1919 the Grand Trunk Pacific station (later bought by CN) discussed the possibilities with ( the new and growing) Town of Rivers provision of electricity from its generator. The discussions culminated with Town of Rivers Bylaws 120 and 121 proclaiming a $9,000.00 debenture to fund the electrical distribution to the town. This was the railway leading the way for the community with some vision for growth.

The Rivers Gazette, July 10, 1919 proclaimed Bylaw 120  & 121 for the funding of an electrical distribution system off the generator at Grand Trunk Pacific and I have attached the following articles related to same. This is how Rivers received its first electricity.