Pioneer Churches and Cemeteries in The R.M. of Daly


Historic Sites of Manitoba

Bradwardine and District: A Century and More. 1880-2003; Bradwardine History Book Committee

Tarbolton Pioneer Trails  1880-1969 

The Rivers Story, Prepared to Commemorate 50 Years of Town Incorporation, G.F. Barker

Kirkham's Bridge: From generation to generation - Kirkham's Bridge Women's Institute

Bradwardine Presbyterian    (1902 – 1969)

The building was moved to nearby farm.

Daly Methodist / Daly United Church 1902 – 1964 NW 32-11-22

The first services were held at the Daly school in the spring of 1890. The minister from the Bloomsbury field, which also included Bloomsbury, Saskatchewan, Roseville, and Hunter, led the service. This continued until the Daly Mission was separated from the Bloomsbury circuit in 1892 to form a circuit that included Hunter, Spring Valley, Tarbolton and Pendennis. A church was built in 1903 on a lot donated by a Mr. Tyerman. At that time the circuit consisted of Westwood, Bradwardine and Daly. A parsonage was built 1906. In 1921, Daly Methodist Church formed a Local Union with Daly's Presbyterian congregation to become Daly Union Church. It  closed in 1964 and became a residence in Wheatland.

Hunter Presbyterian Congregation

Used Hunter School, built in 1889 on NW 5-11-20


The Lothair Church used the school as a place of worship. It was built in 1892 on NE 26-12-22, it burned in 1923 and was rebuilt on NW 25-12-22.

Knox Presbyterian Church, Rivers (1910)

St. Matthew's Ancrum Anglican SE 20-12-22

The first services were held in Ancrum School. The church was built in 1901 on SE 20-12-22 and consecrated in  1902.
It was deconsecrated 1986 and moved to the nearby English Museum.

Roseville Mission Hall  (1884) NE 28-11-20

In 1880 John B. Sargent was sent to Rapid City to minister to Anglicans. He would travel the 14 km to conduct services in the Cousins house. In 1882 Dick Cousins canvassed the district for subscriptions to build a church.  James Varcoe donated the land on NE 28-11-20 and helped with construction.

Anglicans Baptists Methodists and Congregationalists shared the building – providing the ministers on rotating Sundays. Addition built in 1896 with renovations, interior gyproc & painting in1943

Roseville Cemetery 1884  NE 28-11-20

Land donated by James Varcoe. The site of Roseville Union Church – first in Daly (1884)

Saint James Anglican Church, Rivers  1908

Stewartville Methodist Church – 1904 - 48 E 8-11-20 then SE 14-11-21

The church opened Aug. 21, 1904. A Manse was built nearby on NE 7-11-21 in 1908. In 1928 the Church was moved two miles to the east.

Stewart Manse

Tarbolton Presbyterian / United Church  1888  - NW   21-11-22

Tarbolton Presbyterian Church and cemetery was built in 1888 on a site donated by James Sibbald. A donation by J. Wedderburn and friends in Scotland helped with costs. It featured memorial windows in memory of Mrs. A.S. Wedderburn, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Rutherford, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lamb, Emerson Wolfe

An annual service and picnic is held.

Wheatland Anglican Church

Wheatland / Rivers Methodist Church NW 16-12-21

Wheatland Methodist Church was built in 1903. Moved to Rivers as a Methodist Church in 1910. Moved again in 1931 and added to the east side of the United Church, then moved to a local business as a warehouse in 1955.

Wheatland Methodist in Rivers