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Heritage Projects

1. The Rivers / Daly  Pivotal Events Projects

The project follows the format, process and products which have been developed by the Historic Resources Branch for this kind of initiative. This work involves close reading of our available history to determine a detailed chronology of events and activities that defined the community from its settlement in 1880 until approximately 1960. This timeline will then be compared with provincial, national and international timelines (developed as templates by HRB) to help students especially (a key target of the project) to place Rivers events in a larger context. It is presumed that local educational personnel will consult with the heritage consultant to develop lesson plans that will help students create their own timelines.

The project will also place the events in the history of Rivers into the context of the history of Western Manitoba, and seek to establish a framework for addressing the roots of other Westman communities.

The results of the project will be available in print and digital forms.  Resources gathered during this project are available elsewhere in this section.

View the The Rivers / Daly Timeline

2. The Rivers / Daly Special Places Project

The Town Of Rivers, with funding from the Heritage Grants Program has completed a Special Places Project based on a format developed by the Historic Resources Branch of Manitoba Culture, Heritage & Tourism.  The project involves the production of the Inventory (estimated to feature 100 sites), followed by Analysis through which is developed a List of Significant Sites that will be explored for potential municipal designation (estimated to include not more than 10 sites).

The project is available in the form of a binder at the Prairie Crocus Regional Library and most of the data is also online.

It is an evergreen document, with the master files located on the library computer, and anyone with contributions and corrections is encourage to either make a notation right in the binder and/or to contact the consultant who prepared the draft at:

3. The Grand Trunk Pacific in Rivers - A Research Project

The project contains a series of documents relating to the impact of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on the creation and development of the Town of Rivers, Manitoba.

Central to the project is a Timeline which provides a framework from which a series of documents examine various aspects of the story.

Each component is available as a stand-alone module to be adapted for use on Displays, Posters, Signs, Pamphlets, Booklets, Educational Materials, and Website components.

Each component comes with a resource file containing high-resolution copies of photos, maps and other images used in the article.

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