Tracking Our History - An Interpretive Sign Project

The project contains images and text for 8 Interpretive Signs to be placed along a Walking Trail in Rivers, Manitoba. The trail begins at the Millenium Park, on the east side of town, and takes one to Lake Wahtopanah and Rivers Provincial Park.

Each component is also suited to adaptation for use on Displays, Posters, Pamphlets, Booklets, and Educational Materials.

Each component comes with a resource file containing high-resolution copies of photos, maps and other images.

Each sign will include a QR code giving smartphone users direct access to additional information on the River/Daly Heritage Website.

Additional Info Accessed by QR Codes

Sign 1: Millenuim Park and The Grand Trunk Story

Sign 2: The Rivers Train Stations

Sign 3: The Roundhouse and Shops

Sign 4: The Rivers Yards

Sign 5: The Rivers Trestle Bridge

Sign 6: The Railway Dam & Pumphouse

Sign 7: Commerce / The Birth of a Town

Sign 8: The Dam & Lake Wahtopanah