Heritage Sites in Rivers & Area


Page 1: Bradwardine Houses and Commercial Sites

Page 2: 
Bradwardine Public Sites, Churches & Cairns

Page 3: 
Rivers and Area Churches, Cemeteries & Public Places

Page 4: 
Rivers and Area Government Buildings and Regional Sites

Page 5:
Rivers Commercial Sites - Part 1

Page 6: 
Rivers Commercial Sites - Part 2

Page 7: 
Rivers Area - Engineering Structures

Page 8: 
Rivers Residences Part 1

Page 9: Rivers Residences Part 2

Page 10: Rivers Residences Part 3

Page 11: 
Rivers Residences Part 4

Page 12: Carnegie District

For info on exact locations check out our MAPS section.

We are always interested in learning more about these sites.
Old photos are especially interesting and we will add any that are submitted.


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About the project...

The project has documented over 100 sites in Rivers and area that possess heritage characteristics.

For each site we have taken photos and attempted to determine the origins and significance of the site, as well as noting,
for the record, architectural, material and design details.

Each site has been placed on a map and any old photos or other documentation unearthed is included in the file.

In some cases other resources have been identified.