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    In 1907 the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway depot, Rivers' first structure created a new skyline on the Manitoba prairies.

    Simultaneously in 1907, the Grand Trunk Pacific trestle bridge at Rivers was constructed making it one of the longest of its kind in western Canada during those times.
    Black Sunday, March 4, 1917 - Rivers' most disastrous fire in which the Grand Trunk Pacific depot fell prey to flames.

    September 21, 1917 - a newly constructed railway depot was presented to the public with a station restaurant (The Beanery) and a waiting-room dance.

    Early 1990's - Rivers Train Station eventually closes it's doors completely after a gradual decline in services. From a full service depot, to a whistle stop and back to a major boarding depot, VIA travelers continue to board or arrive at Rivers depot.

    Late 1990's - Rivers Train Station is designated as a federal heritage site.

    Fall 2006 - A committee is formed to save and restore the Rivers train station. Initiated by the Rivers/Daly Community Development Corporation, the Rivers Train Station Restoration Project committee's mission is to restore Rivers Train Station to a viable property for heritage preservation and economic development.

    September 2008 - For the first time in memory, all trains east and westbound on the CN line through Rivers lay quiet for 24 hours as crews made significant upgrades to the trestle bridge at Rivers.

    September 9, 2008 - The Rivers train 'stationette' officially opens after the closing of Brandon North station making Rivers the only boarding station in western Manitoba for VIA passengers traveling to points east and west. Close to 2,000 passengers board or arrive on VIA at the Rivers depot annually. VIA and the RTSRP committee anticipate those numbers to increase.

Present - the Rivers Train Station Restoration Project committee continues to work towards restoring the current train station building to be Canada's first 'green' heritage train station. The method of restoration will be carried out following the most environmentally efficient criteria. Funding for restoration is being made possible through grants, corporate and individual support, as well as fundraising. ALL BOARD!